Total Hash Rate (TH/s) :      Network Difficulty :      Market Price (USD) :      Market Capitalization (USD) :      MegaToken Price (USD) : 7$

Make Mining Simple
with Green Tokenized Electricity

MegaToken (HPW) is a token for mining Bitcoin
backed by real assets

Smart contract address
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100 MW Total Power
5 MW Available power
100,000 TH/S Available mining power
$5,000,000 Initial Sale

Powerful Features

Green Mining

With MegaToken you can mine Bitcoin without carbon emission


With MegaToken you can mine bitcoin forever

Real Assets

With MegaToken you have real equipment working 24/7

Quick start

With MegaToken, No need to think about purchasing equipment, configuring, maintaining, and updating it

Daily rewards in BTC

With MegaToken, you have your daily rewards in bitcoin

No Maintenance

With MegaToken you have your maintenance fee for free

Mega Token is

MegaToken was developed in order to respond to the challenges, aiming to provide the general public with easy access to cryptocurrency mining. Through Mega Token, anyone can gain lifelong ownership of:

a certain capacity of the available electricity

having to access to the support, maintenance, and upgrading of equipment necessary to mine cryptocurrencies

all through green energy solutions


HPW Today

Security power
Total power 5 MW
1 HPW 1 Watt
Released tokens 5,000,000 HPW
Rewards in BTC
Staked Tokens -
Total value locked -
Yesterday reward -
Total Distributed reward -

Mining Cycle

We at MegaToken emphasize on development of our farm through Green Power.
As equal to the green power provided, HPW tokens are released to the smart contracts, the Sale, and the Maintenance.
If you want to keep your token in our cycle, you must stake them to activate your mining power.
After staking, the token equivalent power is used to mine bitcoin with MegaToken miners.
The recently mined bitcoin is sent to your account daily, and you can withdraw them to your wallet.
MegaToken incomes are being used to develop farms and enable new green power resources.
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MegaToken Road Map

Q4 2022 Deploying 5 MW electricity / Start IDO - IEO Airdrop Campaign / Staking
Q1 2023 Deploying 5 MW electricity / Listing on Mid-Tier Exchange / Security Audit / Dapp development / Listing on Coinmarketcap
Q2 2023 Deploying 10 MW electricity / Dapp development / Farm development / New Staking smart contract
Q3 2023 Deploying 20 MW electricity / Listing on Tier-1 Exchange / Farm development / Android & IOS Application