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Frequently Asked Questions

MegaToken (HPW) is the builder of the first blockchain mining city in West Asia. MegaToken has tokenized the farm's equipped mining power by creating a mining token equivalent to one watt of electricity used for mining. MegaToken Dapp allows users with tokenized power sources to mine bitcoins for the first time.

It is HPW.

In the first stage, it was implemented on the ،Tron blockchain, but now it is on the Binanace Smart Chain.

The total capacity of the project is 100 MW

You can see all the official social media of MegaToken at the bottom of the website.

For now you can buy MegaToken on our website in your personal account

HPW can be bought via crypto to crypto plans.

We strive to get the green power and our first phase is from a green source.

1. Go to your wallet setting and enter HPW and choose HPW with BEP-20 standards.
2. At our official website homepage copy contract address and add HPW manually to your wallet.

New tokens will not be minted and the maximum is 100 million tokens.

New tokens will be released only when the required electricity supply is operational.

In our staking plans you lock your token for a fixed period and for that you recive mining power.

There are 3 different packages include 90 days, 180 days and 360 days.

The value of each HPW token is equivalent to one watt of equipped electricity with mining equipment, which includes electrical equipment, mining equipment, human resource, software, hardware, and other equipment. The power consumption rate of MegaToken processors is currently 50 Tokens to provide 1 TH/S per mining power.
For instance:
1000 HPW / 50 HPW rate = 20 TH/s

The maintenance fee is up to us and users will not pay anything. We will freeze 20% of all released tokens. BTC mined by those 20 %tokens, will be used for maintenace fee, upgrading system, and equipment.