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MegaToken (HPW) is the builder of the first blockchain mining city in West Asia. The goal is to provide a comprehensive cloud based smart mining platform with affordable electricity. Mega Token (HPW) intends to become the most significant mining farm by providing actual mining via innovative mining technology and valuable services.

MegaToken (HPW) has 78,000 square meters of infrastructure. The potential to build a power plant and renewable electricity generation and buy a miner sales line can help create a suitable tokenized definition for mining. Our mining plan structure helps users to obtain the hash power needed for mining.

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HPW total supply

Increase the HPW token's average power New ASICs replace the previous ASICs during this process. We also increase HPW mining power on a continuous basis by establishing a Miner production and assembly plant. The mining power of the devices increases by one watt of electricity with the addition of new devices and the assembly of previous devices.

HPW current capacity

Plant for the manufacture and assembly of miners The presence of this infrastructure for updating and assembling mining equipment is one of the benefits of the HPW farm. With each new device update, the mining power of each device increases in relation to one watt of electricity. And, as time passes, miners receive less compensation for their power consumption. The MegaToken is constantly replacing and updating new mining equipment, increasing hashrate power in comparison to one watt of constant electricity.

No burn initial cost

!The initial cost to purchase the mining power is not lost and is only locked during the staking contract. The transfer charge is a fixed and very affordable fee that is deducted from the staked HPW tokens at the end of the contract.

HPW platform

The MegaToken platform provides users with extremely simple, fast, safe, and secure access. Convenience and detailed statistics for users to view all relevant information in real-time, from any point on the website or in the mobile app.

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We have created a flow of liquidity between miners by tokenization .