Smart Mining Platform

based on tokenizing Hash per watt backed by real assets

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MegaToken on 150 seconds
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MegaToken on 150 seconds

Professional mining with you! HPW is the mining token powered by Tapco blockchain city

About Us
will be launched soon
MegaToken Pre-Sale
will be launched soon
MegaToken Pre-Sale
    Soft Cap $5,500,000
    Raised $6,400,000
    Mid Cap $16,500,000
    Hardcap $27,500,000
    Services and Features
    Competitive Advantage
    Crypto Algorithms

    you can mine all SHA-256 tokens like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV by staking your tokens in the smart mining platform.

    Live Cam

    you can watch our mining facilities live 24/7, and ensure that we have backed by real assets.

    Free Maintenance Fee

    No daily maintenance fee will be deducted from your mining outputs, you will receive the full amount for the whole duration of procedure and all the electricity and infrastructure costs are on our side.

    Reliable Smart Contract

    Mining has been tokenized through the use of a dependable smart contract. Users who hold $ HPW can gain access to the MegaToken platform's tokenized mining and benefit from optimized and profitable mining.

    Tokenomize Chart
    What Will Be Up
    Road Map New Features
    Completed Projects

    Project official announcement
    Joining Tapco
    Release Whitepaper V1.0
    Getting a power solar plant license
    Getting mining license
    Buying the farm land
    Firm layout mapping
    Token creation on Tron blockchain
    MegaToken staking smart contract creation
    Audit MegaToken smart contract by Solidity. Finance
    Website Development
    Listing on ICO platforms
    Release Whitepaper V1.10
    About M$12 local and private sale
    Purchasing Bitcoin miners

    Q3 2022

    Deploy 5 MW electricity
    Farm opening
    Start BTC mining
    Start IDO
    Start IEO
    Start ICO
    Start ICO marketing
    Mass media marketing (Cointelegraph, Cryptonews, and…)
    Website Development
    Purchasing Bitcoin miners
    Website Security Audit
    Start Content Marketing (SEO)
    construction of the farm
    Launch new Token on Binance Smart Chain
    Release Whitepaper V2.0
    Solar power plant utilization
    Tapco farm construction Development
    60% progress in construction of the farm

    Q4 2022

    Deploy 10 MW electricity
    Audit new staking smart contract
    Solar Power plant opening
    Start Staking
    Develppment of android application
    Tapco farm construction Development
    Purchasing miners
    Miners assembly and Maintenance facility construction

    Q1 2023

    Deploy 20 MW electricity
    Listing on Mid-Tier Exchange
    Listing on Coinmarketcap
    Listing on Coingecko
    Purchasing miners (GPU – CPU)
    Develppment of IOS application
    Tapco farm construction Development
    Construction of Miners assembly and maintenance facility
    Purchasing miners
    Dapp development

    Q2 2023

    Deploy 30 MW electricity
    Start Ethereum mining (Ethash)
    Miners assembly and maintenance facility development
    Starting other Algorithm mining
    Purchasing miners

    Q3 2023

    Deploy 50 MW electricity
    Listing on a tier 1 exchange
    Purchasing miners

    Will Be Started
    Staking HPW

    Smart Mining Autonomy and technology are used in smart mining to reduce operational costs and increase productivity on a mining farm like MegaToken

    Will Be Started
    Staking HPW
    Smart Mining
    Lifetime Mining
    Private Mining
    Timely Switching
    Change It
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